Crypto investor sells his bitcoin assets and can pay off his parents‘ debts

A Bitcoin investor has found the perfect time for him to sell.

The Bitcoin forum on Reddit (r/Bitcoin) is putting a very personal face on the current surge of the market-leading cryptocurrency. For example, user „u/Bigtony96“ reported yesterday (Thursday) that he sold all of his Bitcoin (BTC) to pay off his parents‘ debt.

The Reddit user states that he sold a total of 6 BTC that he had purchased over the past three years. With the proceeds, he was now able to pay off the remaining mortgage for his parents‘ house. Subsequently, there was reportedly enough money left over to pay remaining tax debts and buy a new car.

„Today is the day I’ve been dreaming about for the past few years, and it feels so surreal,“ as u/Bigtony96 writes.

Furthermore, he still discloses in his post that his parents needed the help all the more because their restaurant was hit hard by the Corona crisis due to the lockdown:

„My parents mean everything to me. […] They have a restaurant and because of the crisis they had to liquidate large parts of their savings, so they had to worry about money every day. My father once said to me that he would retire as soon as the house was paid off. That day has come now.“

Although u/Bigtony96 does not specifically state the date he sold his BTC, it can be surmised that it was on Thursday, the day the post was also posted online, as the caption reads, „I just sold to pay off my parents‘ debt.“